The Mystery of Dark Matter

Large scale structure of the Universe in the Millennium Simulation. Image Credit: Millennium Simulation


Astronomers have tallied up all of the matter in the universe and have come to a startling conclusion: 85% of it is missing! This missing matter is called “dark matter,” and it is completely undetectable with telescopes. Yet somehow it governs how galaxies behave and how structure in the universe formed! Searches for this elusive type of matter has turned up nothing: no WIMPs, no MACHOs, and nothing in between. Some astronomers have even suggested rewriting the laws of gravity to account for this missing matter! Come hear NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Ray Garner explain all there is to know about dark matter and, more importantly, how the James Webb Space Telescope is already causing astronomers to rethink what they thought they knew about it!

Apr 26, 2023 6:00 PM — 7:00 PM
The Mystery of Dark Matter
Andover Public Library
142 West Main St, Andover, OH 44003
Ray Garner
Ray Garner
TAMU Astronomy Postdoctoral Researcher

I’m a scientist, Star Wars fan, and amateur photographer raised in Georgia. My research interests include galaxy evolution, star formation, satellite galaxies, and nebular diagnostics.