Is There Life on Venus?

This year, a paper came out about the detection of phosphine in the cloud decks of Venus. Immediately, science news writers were screaming, “LIFE DETECTED ON VENUS!!!!” I promise you, that was not the case, but it is definitely interesting in and of itself and might point towards more observations required for us to definitively

The September 2020 Night Sky

Welcome a new thing I’m going to try and do on my site! I’m going to try and point out some interesting things happening in the night sky over the month. I’m a little late on September, so we’re gonna ignore events that happened before I posted this. September 9: Mars Stands Still On Wednesday,

Life Updates

It’s been a while! Sorry I haven’t been posting that much on my site in these last few months. As I’m sure everyone knows, 2020 is a doozy. Academically, I’m still doing fine. In fact, all summer I studied for my qualifying exam! For those of you who aren’t Case Western students or my family,